We believe that God's plan of finance for His work is through the tithes and offerings, and that it is a joy for his children to acknowledge His Lordship in this manner.

We believe in the obedience and the joy giving of our tithes and offerings in return God will cause somebody, some where to use their finances and influence to fund your vision, your dreams, and your needs.

We believe that it all belongs to God, and because of this there is no hindrance, nor hesitation in giving what belongs to Him.

We believe that in our faithfulness of our tithes and offerings that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that we will not have room enough to receive. He will give a pressed down, shaken together, running over blessing to us, and men will give unto our bosom.

We believe that this act of faith will cause promotions on jobs, increase of income, scholarships for your children, funding for entrepreneurial endeavors, debt cancellation, settlement funds, residual income, restitution for work done, credit and loan approval,  endowment funds, and God’s favor on your life.

Paul Garner III, M.Ed