Spring has Sprung!

Hello and welcome to Spring!  Since we last met, certainly there are lots of signs of growth all around in the garden and in the countryside, snowdrops, crocuses, daffs, a bit of cherry blossom, a scattering of lambs…  Renewal, everywhere – let’s get the message and pass it on!
We had a great meeting in March, when we were led in worship by Craig Mackay, the Filling Station’s regional director for Scotland, who is based in Lossiemouth, and then we heard a brilliant talk by Fred Drummond all about how we (the Scots as a race in particular!) are not very good at taking on the authority of Jesus as we are meant to do.  We are not very clever at understanding the limitless nature of grace.  We are not very confident about our place in God’s family, about God’s love for us.  We are not very brave about stepping out in faith, about knowing that it is God who will achieving the victory, not us anyway.  And we do not trust in the authority of Jesus over sickness, over the future, over sin and even over death.  We need to not only believe in our certain place in God’s heart, but really to trust Him and therefore ourselves, to do his work, to carry out his plan for us.
Next Tuesday, 12th April, our speaker will be Colin Mutch, who is Scotland’s director of Open Doors, which is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide.  He should have some fascinating things to tell us.  Aren’t you glad that, if you want to come and share worship with us and listen to God’s message, you are in a country where you CAN?  We will open the doors at Lochiehead barn near Auchtermuchty (KY14 7EH) at 7.30pm for tea, coffee and homemade cakes, before our start of worship at 8pm, led by Brian Ferguson supported by a youth band.  We finish at about 9.30pm.
I look forward to seeing you there.
x Bridie
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