FillingStation@home resources small gatherings of Christians in their own homes with the Filling Station vision for teaching, worship, food, fellowship, and evangelism! We are now offering this monthly.

Taking a locally organised small group of 6 to 12 people we will facilitate LIVE guest teachers coming to you via Zoom as you join in with other FillingStation@home meetings across the country at the same time! There will also be pre-recorded content available. The nation’s best and most loved teachers are ready to come into your home!

This service by The Filling Station Trust is freely available to people of all denominations, existing small groups, and all ages, anywhere in the world! All you need is a home, a good internet connection, some friends, and a heart for hospitality – we will take care of the rest!

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What do YOU need?

  • The time and heart to host a house group of between 6-12 people depending on your house size
  • A device with a webcam – this can be a laptop, iPad, PC or smart phone (on a stand)
  • The ability to connect your device to a large format TV (or a separate broadcast speaker at the very least)
  • If you decide to provide your own worship, some way to offer a time of worship for your group, either live or using YouTube / CD or similar
  • A FREE Zoom account (The free account only allows 40mins of shared time together. We will endeavour to organise a guest speaker or an @home team with a paid-for Zoom account to host the meeting to avoid the time limitation)
  • A printer to print out information for your house group on how they can support the guest speaker financially if they wish to do so


This initiative, our assistance and all recorded content is offered to you FREE by the Filling Station Trust.

The hosts of each @home meeting can decide how they wish to fund the refreshments they offer their group. We do encourage creativity and generosity of spirit in how groups are run. Real coffee, a glass of wine, good snacks or food are highly encouraged!

The guest speakers who support this initiative have offered their time without the need for a financial contribution. However, we do believe that all those that attend any FillingStation@Home group should be given the opportunity to sow into the lives and ministries of the speakers who serve them.

Payment details for the speakers will be available at each meeting so you can decide whether and how much to give. This can be done directly from most people’s smartphones during the evening or given to one person in the group who can make a donation on their behalf.

Worship & Prayer

Worship and prayer ministry are crucial aspects of any FillingStation@home gathering.

We offer LIVE worship from leaders around the UK.

However, we anticipate that some teams will want to have musicians in their midst lead the worship for their group, this is amazing and it is possible to join when the Speaker starts.

Alternatively, you may wish to use a YouTube playlists, a playlist on a phone or other device attached to a hi-fi or loudspeaker of some sort, a CD player.

Prayer and prayer ministry, for and with each other, has always been an essential part of any Filling Station meeting. FillingStation@home teams will have access to short tutorials on how to lead effective times of prayer ministry and will be encouraged to pray for and equip those that attend their home groups to pray for others.

How will it work?

Every FillingStation@home meeting will be different in size and character

  • Everyone will gather in a home for refreshments, chit-chat, and worship before welcoming a guest speaker LIVE via Zoom
  • Guest speakers will be invited to stay with the teams after the message is delivered for Prayer Ministry
  • @home teams will be offered training by The Filling Station Trust and given access to our database of live or recorded speakers
  • @home teams will be gathered together on the same evenings to allow speakers to connect with and serve more than one team at a time
  • @home teams will be able to source a speaker from our website where they can see detailed biographies with links to an example video of that speaker in action
  • There is also the option of using pre-recorded video content from our library
  • This service is provided free of charge by the Filling Station Trust but the listing for each speaker will contain details to enable a financial gift to be made to the speaker if desired.

What happens next?

Filling Station Regional Consultant will be in touch to learn more about you, the church in your area, and your hopes for a new gathering of this nature.

In the launch phase, we will take care of some of the logistics centrally to ensure that several teams are able to connect with the same speaker on the same evening. However, we expect this to evolve as the initiative rolls out.

Once your FillingStation@home team has been approved for launch, your Regional Consultant will help run a practice session, in which your gathering can get the hang of the technology required to host a smooth evening. We will also see if there are other ways that we can support you in getting your meeting off the ground.

Regional Consultants will be joining in on some of these early meetings to enjoy the experience and learn more about what might be needed to make sure things run smoothly, for His glory!

What next?
If you would like to know more or would like to start up a FillingStation@home please contact: James Nickols at

FillingStation@home – Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace Filling Station celebration meetings?
No! Filling Station celebration meetings will continue with larger groups of people meeting for worship, teaching, and prayer ministry in neutral venues around the country

Is this just another Zoom meeting?
No! FillingStation@home meetings are in-person meetings in your home. The only person to Zoom in is the speaker because this enables us to get the very best LIVE speakers into your home. All discussion and prayer are interpersonal, not virtual.

What are the costs of running a FillingStation@home?
The service is offered entirely free by the Filling Station Trust. How you want to provide the hospitality element is up to the hosts. We do encourage generosity towards the live speakers to bless them as they bless you but that will be between you and them

How frequently do FillingStation@home meetings meet?
Meetings can be held weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your vision and the time you have to commit.

What leaders around the nation are saying:

“FillingStation@home has the potential to bring new confidence, encouragement, and faith to many in rural Britain.”

The Rt. Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford

“You have really struck oil with the Filling Station! A really effective way to spread the gospel in modern Britain!”

Cannon J-John, Philo Trust

“FillingStation@home is the next way that hungry Christians have found to bring the Bread of Life to friends and family in the midst of this pandemic. If you are hungry, you will be fed at FillingStation@home.”

Rev Alan McWilliam, Forge Scotland

“The Church is in a time of significant recalibration, yet this is a long process, not an event. New meeting formats such as FillingStation@home can allow believers vital space to explore in these times.”

Charity Bowman-Webb, Streams International

“This initiative has been prepared with the usual Filling Station prayerful attention to detail and quality. As a speaker, it gives me the privilege of coming into your home. As a movement, it gives us a potential catalyst to reboot a kingdom expression in our localities.”

Andy Hall, The Lions Roar for Scotland

We are eager to help and equip all our FillingStation@home groups.

At present we meet every other Wednesday, however we know for some that isn’t possible. The recording of our bi-weekly Wednesday evening meeting will now be available to watch online. The recordings will be available here as a repository, allowing your group to catch up together at a later date. Or at a time during the week that suits you!

To access the repository please click the link below:

FillingStation@home Repository

Please note: this resource is for FillingStation@home groups, and is a password protected page.  If you would like to join FillingStation@home please contact James (

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