FillingStation@home is our monthly online Filling Station meeting. It is designed to resource individuals, couples and small gatherings of Christians in their own homes. @home carries the Filling Station DNA with pre-recorded worship and LIVE guest speakers coming to your home via Zoom with opportunities to pray and be prayed for at the end of the meeting

FillingStation@home is offered without cost to people of all denominations, existing small groups, and all ages, anywhere in the world! All you need is a home and a good internet connection. You could even invite some friends, and we will take care of the rest!

The guest speakers who support @home give their time for a free. However, we want to bless our speakers so @home guests will be given the opportunity to sow into the lives and ministries of the speakers who serve them. This can be done directly from most people’s smartphones during the evening.

What happens next?

If you would like to know more or would like to join FillingStation@home please contact: Lisa Metcalfe at

FillingStation@home – Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace Filling Station celebration meetings?
No! Filling Station celebration meetings are thriving all with people meeting for worship, teaching, and prayer ministry across the UK and abroad. @home is primarily for those who don’t live close enough to a Filling Station celebration meeting.

Is this just another Zoom meeting?
No! FillingStation@home meetings are an opportunity to experience worship, teaching and prayer ministry from your own home. You may want to join on your own or as a small group. We encourage you to enjoy whatever expression of @home suits you.

What are the costs of running a FillingStation@home?
@home is offered entirely free by the Filling Station Trust. However, we do encourage generosity towards the speakers – to bless them as they bless you!

How frequent is FillingStation@home?
@home meets once a month on the third Wednesday. We take a break in July and August.

Can I listen again?
Our meetings are not currently recorded so you will need to join us live.

What leaders around the nation are saying:

“FillingStation@home has the potential to bring new confidence, encouragement, and faith to many in rural Britain.”
The Rt. Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford

“You have really struck oil with the Filling Station! A really effective way to spread the gospel in modern Britain!”
Cannon J-John, Philo Trust

“FillingStation@home is the next way that hungry Christians have found to bring the Bread of Life to friends and family in the midst of this pandemic. If you are hungry, you will be fed at FillingStation@home.”
Rev Alan McWilliam, Forge Scotland

“The Church is in a time of significant recalibration, yet this is a long process, not an event. New meeting formats such as FillingStation@home can allow believers vital space to explore in these times.”
Charity Bowman-Webb, Streams International

“This initiative has been prepared with the usual Filling Station prayerful attention to detail and quality. As a speaker, it gives me the privilege of coming into your home. As a movement, it gives us a potential catalyst to reboot a kingdom expression in our localities.”
Andy Hall, The Lions Roar for Scotland

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