Worship and Prayer


Sung corporate worship has always been an important element of Christian meetings from the earliest times and we find God really interacts with His people through it. It needs to be done well as there is nothing worse than uninspiring sung worship! The Filling Station (FS) believes passionately in high quality sung worship.

A worship leader

Each FS meeting has a capable local worship leader directing the worship time. If such an individual is initially unavailable we on the FS trust are there to help.

Worship leader should primarily have a ‘worshipping nature’ – they need to have personal experience of the joy of intimacy with the Lord, achieved through sung worship. Secondly, they need to be teachable & humble, ready to learn new things. Thirdly, they need to be musically accomplished. Worship choruses are simple to learn so an inexperienced leader can be expected to grow over time, but a more tested musician is really what is required at FS meetings as we meet so infrequently.

Song choice

We use material from places such as Hillsong, Soul Survivor, Vineyard, Worship Central, and the larger American Churches. As the songwriter Charles Wesley said in the 18th Century, ‘The people of God need fresh manna to worship God each day.’ He aimed to write a new hymn/song every two weeks!


We encourage all who are involved and supportive of the Filling Station mission to pray that God will move through this network of meetings.

We lead prayer initiatives in a variety of ways:-


National days of prayer and fasting

Over the past 10 years from the initial meeting in Box TFS has spread out into a network of nearly 100 meetings and in addition we are now witnessing the Holy Spirit create increasingly specialised ministries across the network. The prayer days have proved crucial to this development and we have repeatedly witnessed growth spurts following the special days we have called for prayer and fasting. Because of this we now focus on a day of prayer and fasting around the start of the January and September terms. Our next one will be 24 January 2022. Find out more here.


‘Thy Kingdom Come’

… but our most substantial time of prayer will be the 10 days from Ascension Day to the evening before Pentecost, as we join Christians all over the world in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative;  https://www.thykingdomcome.global/


Our strategy for these days is to give ourselves to praying (and if you would like to, please do join us fasting as well), so that we can together prevail before the throne of God for the ongoing work and development of this wonderfully exciting network of ministry that the Lord is establishing.




We are partnering with the Ffald-y-Brenin retreat and prayer centre in West Wales to develop and expand our prayer activities. We encourage people to get involved with their ‘Local Houses of Prayer’ initiative. See more on their website.

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