Renewal and Evangelism

Meetings are designed to help bring renewal to the existing Christian church. We believe that all can experience the powerful presence of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives and start to exercise the spiritual gifts as a result. We wish to work in unity with all local churches where Filling Station meetings occur. Filling Station meetings are places where people are taught to worship in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23), where a new community of friendships are established, where involvement is the norm and where God’s love, care and provision are declared and celebrated.

In terms of evangelism, meetings are designed to present the gospel in an attractive, genuine and powerful fashion to those who are currently outside the church. 1 Corinthians 14:24–25 is our guide to evangelism in the Filling Station; where Christians are overtly exercising their faith through prayer, worship and teaching, non-Christians in their midst become convinced of God’s reality. This has been our experience since the Filling Station began. Over 150 people have come to Christ in that time.


Exciting New Developments

Over the last year we feel the Lord has been speaking to us about the need to be more intentional about encouraging evangelism across the network. We have linked up with J.John, who is keen to work with us to help local Filling Station meetings to put on evangelistic events. J.John will be speaking at 5 different Filling Station evangelistic Christmas events this December. We have several other Filling Station meetings also putting on evangelistic events over the next few months.

These are exciting developments and we would like to ask all Filling Station meetings prayerfully to consider putting on at least one event a year that is overtly evangelistic. We would love to help you with this in any way we can. Please contact Jo Fothergill for advice or more information.

Renewal Weekends

The TFS network presents regular weekend gatherings, regional and national, where we can all come together to share fellowship, ideas and worship. This page will contain information and booking tools for all such events throughout the year – watch this space!!

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