Starting a new Filling Station

How we can help

We at the Filling Station Trust would be delighted to help you set up a local Filling Station meeting in your area.  Our mandate is to help Christians experience renewal and promote evangelism across the country.

We can offer you support in the following areas:

  • A tried and tested model of how to bring renewal and evangelism to your area via Filling Station (FS) meetings
  • A comprehensive ‘Starter Pack’ covering all areas of running a local FS
  • A practical guidance as to how to run a successful evening meeting
  • A list of speakers who can attend your FS meetings
  • A back catalogue of advertising materials
  • Links to a national prayer network to support your activities
  • Guidance on how to finance a meeting
  • Support when liaising with your local clergy, if needed
  • Access to a national web site to promote your meeting
  • Help in linking you up with others wishing to set up a FS in your area
  • The active support of the Filling Station Regional Consultants

If you would like to start a meeting or find out more, contact Richard Fothergill ( Tel 01225 832806 and he would be delighted help you!

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