A Filling Station in Arizona!

A second American Filling Station has opened it’s doors in the town of Prescott, Arizona (pop 49,000). In a most unexpected development, a couple in ministry in the town felt inspired by the Holy Spirit of God to ‘open a Filling Station!’ Initially, not quite knowing what that meant, they surfed the web, and found this website, and knew straight away, after seeing the short film of the Filling Station vision, that this was the type of meeting they should set up in Prescott!

Their first night on October 1st was pronounced a resounding success with over 60 people attending. There was a great sense of the presence of God amongst them by all accounts. Key leaders of this meeting, Ray & Kari Gregg, said they were thrilled by the evening and look forward to hosting more into 2017. Christians from all sorts of backgrounds, and none, attended and enjoyed the combination of friendship, good refreshments, worship, teaching and prayer. Several local church leaders in the town, most particularly from Grace North Church, have been fully supportive of this new initiative.

More Filling Stations across the USA are expected in the years ahead and Ms Chrissy Farley, founding leader of the Smithfield, Virginia, Filling Station, is available to help any group there who might want t set up one of these renewal and evangelism meetings. Contact her on:cfar204@gmail.com if you would like to find out more and discuss the possibilities!

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