Happy Christmas to all!

All of us at the Filling Station Trust want to wish you a really Happy Christmas and blessed New Year!

2016 has been a tremendous year with 24 new Filling Stations opening their doors, some 4,800+ people regularly attending a meeting somewhere each month, numerous incidences of healings and encounters with the Spirit of God have been reported, and over 100 people have become Christians during the year, that we know of.   A new large Central London FS meeting has opened and three new part-time staff membered have joined the team: Hellie in the Midlands, Sally in the Wirral and Mark in London.

To all those who have visited, hosted, spoken at, prayed for, donated to and talked about the Filling Station this year, we want to thank you and wish you well for the holiday period and into 2017.

God bless you and Happy Christmas!


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