January was brilliant – don’t miss out on the next one!

Last month we had a great meeting, despite being a bit thin on the ground as far as “management” was concerned!  Nigel Pybus and his band led us in a wonderful stream of praise and then Iain Sutherland spoke to us very movingly on the importance of having good strong roots for our faith, in order to raise us higher towards the life God wants us to live.  He led us through the one prayer Jesus told us to pray in six steps:

1. Our Father is both the King and our own dear father, who is so fond of us.

2.  The Kingdom – how important it is to let the Word of God rule in our hearts.

3.  He likes to be asked to provide for us the things we need.

4.  So important to forgive others, not easy, but again we need to ask for help with this.

5.  Protection – only God can provide a shield between us and the evil that we come across.

6.  Guidance – God will lead us in the right way.  We need to be willing to go there, towards what He wants us to find.

And the roots:  the deeper you go to find God, the deeper the intimacy you will share with Him.

Wow!  It was good.  And I’m sure next time will be just as good – we have Al Cuthbert leading the worship and Alyson and Malcolm Sim, from Fire Ministeries International, Elgin, will be speaking to us.  They are passionate about making the prophetic and supernatural encounters of God an everyday experience!  They run “Schools of Fire” in Elgin, Thurso and Inverness, where they teach and train in the Prophetic and supernatural gifts and equip others with the tools for Prophetic Evangelism. They sound pretty amazing people – I think you’d better be there to hear them!

This will take place on Tuesday 14th February, at Lochiehead Barn, Auchtermuchty, KY14 7EH. We start at 7.30pm (I don’t want to put people off, but we like to have a wee time to pray together just before we start, so it would be great if you could try not to arrive too early, so we can do this before it all kicks off!) with tea, coffee and home baking.  The worship begins at 8-ish, then the speaker steps up to the mike.  There is time for individual prayer at the end if you would like and we try to finish by about 9.30pm.

I really hope you can be there.

x Bridie

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