More on next Tuesday’s Meeting…

So sorry!  I forgot to give you this little bit of biographical information about next Tuesday’s (the 10th April) speaker, Jim Rettie:

Jim Rettie is based in Inverness and was formerly engaged in parish ministry in the Highlands.  Now, as leader of the Christian Fellowship of Healing, his ministry has taken him to India, Malawi, South Africa, and latterly to  the Congo D.R.C.  A major part of his ministry is conducting seminars on teaching about healing, and he has established Fellowships of Healing in various places.  In his ministry he has witnessed people getting out of wheel chairs and walking, broken bones being healed, blind eyes being opened, deaf ears being unstopped, pains being dispelled, cancers being cured and/or controlled, people being renewed in the Spirit, and countless numbers brought into the Kingdom of God to enjoy new life in Jesus.

Hope this will encourage you to come along!

x Bridie

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