Exciting developments as The Filling Station continues to grow

There have been a couple of particularly exciting developments in the Filling Station over the last few months.

New meetings planted from existing ones

We are increasingly seeing established Filling Stations like Lossiemouth (started in September 2012) ‘planting out’ new teams to start further meetings in their areas.  Thurso, Fortrose, Portsoy and Two Rivers Filling Stations have all been helped into life by the excellent Lossiemouth team.

Elsewhere we have seen meetings that have run for some years and then closed. However the efforts of the original meeting, after its closure, have lead to a number of new meetings being spurred into life in the immediate area be.  This has happened with Middlezoy Filling Station (started in May 2010 – closed in August 2016) spinning off the Quantocks Filling Station, Langport Filling Station and the soon to be started, Wellington FS, all in Somerset. Stories like these keep being told, and I am repeatedly humbled by what the Lord is doing through the meetings up and down the country.

More meetings abroad

Another new development is further Filling Stations starting abroad – we now have 9 meetings outside of the UK.  Two meetings started in Sweden this year alone.  The foreign meetings are found in the USA (x2), Switzerland, France (x3), Cape Town, S.Africa and Sweden (x2).  Others are poised to start in Sydney, Australia, and Bulgaria before Christmas.  There seems no logic as to how these foreign meetings start, but people hear about us, watch the video on our website and are excited that such a meeting could work in their communities.  They then get in touch and off we go!  Please keep praying that the Lord uses the Filling Station model abroad.

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