Lossie TFS enters its 8th year!

It with awe, amazement and excitement that the Lossie Filling Station Team reflects on the past 7 years of ministry and now entering its 8th year in 2020.

Giving thanks for the salvations, healings, breakthroughs, renewal, unity and joy ministered by the Holy Spirit at the 94 gatherings over the years, local team coordinator Craig Mackay said ” we are as motivated and determined as were were at the very start, to see Jesus loved, recognised and honoured in a way that counters religious concern and shatters preconceptions of a life of Faith”

“We take great encouragement from the fact that we join with over 100 other FS gatherings around the country and the world, where over 5000+ folks come together to worship, learn and grow in this way”

Thank you Jesus!


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