Tuesday 12th January – Kathy Larkman in discussion with Janet Anderson-MacKenzie

Happy New Year from The Filling Station in Box.

We may be in “lockdown #3” but I have it on good evidence that the Holy Spirit even works through the internet!  TFS Box will be online again for our first meeting of 2021 this Tuesday 12th January.

This month we bring you something a bit different:  Janet Anderson-Mackenzie will be interviewing Kathy Larkman about her walk with the Lord in recent years.  Janet is an accomplished interviewer – she recently completed 100 interviews about Christianity across the UK with her “100 cups of tea goes large” project back in 2018 https://100cupsofteagoeslarge.com/ .  Kathy is the wife of a local Baptist minister, with a wealth of wisdom and experience from her Christian journey – we are so blessed that she has agreed to join in a discussion with Janet.

As usual we will have great worship and a time of prayer.  I find it can be rather strange worshipping on your own with a computer, but do sing along – there is no doubt in my mind that wherever we are, if we “sing and dance” before the Lord the channels to Heaven open up and the Spirit of Lord falls upon us.

Do join us at 7.30pm on our YouTube channel (and available anytime after then) TFS BOX

If you would like items for prayer, or have messages to share,  please contact us either by email at box@thefillingstation.org or via our Facebook page TFS Box  http://www.facebook.com/thefillingstationbox/

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