Central London Filling Station interviews Sandy Millar tonight at 8pm (Thursday 6th May)

Tonight, the Right Reverend Sandy Millar (formerly Rector of Holy Trinity Brompton and co-founder of the Alpha Course) will be speaking at the Central London Filling Station (Thursday 6 May.)

Mark Wagner will be interviewing Sandy about his life, his reflections on the Wimber years, the Toronto Blessing now, where he thinks the church is now, and where we are going.

Sandy was largely responsible for building Holy Trinity Brompton into the church it is today. He came as a curate in 1976 and was vicar from 1985 to 2005 – including through the Toronto Blessing.

For more info and details how to join online, go to CLFS’s website: http://growinginministry.org/, or their Station Page.

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