Level Zero to come in when Refuel officially starts! Here’s a run down on what’s to come!

Refuel coming!

We have to say, from The Filling Station team, what an incredible job our friends at Refuel are doing… navigating the ever-changing tier system and restrictions.

However, Scotland is due to be LEVEL ZERO on the first day of the festival! What were the chances of that? And you won’t even need to quarantine on your return home!

The event programme is being tweaked and finalised, with now only TWO weeks to go until Refuel 21! And when its here, we will share it with you.

So, will you join us in this final push, to make sure everyone knows of the opportunity to meet up this summer?

Here’s the rundown of the week and the Speakers:

Join in the “Unofficial” Adventure!

Day One – Monday 19 July:

  • Open Doors Hill Climb
  • Barnabas Fund Picnic in the Park

Day Two – Tuesday 20 July:

  • The Filling Station Wild Swim
  • Barnabas Fund Tennis Competition

How to join in:

Monday and Tuesday include off-site activities for our Refuel family and friends to join in. Once you have your ticket for the week, you will be sent a link to sign up for some of these free adventures.

The Festival of Faith kicks off! Main Speakers “On the Round”

Day Three – Wednesday 21 July:

Day Four – Thursday 22 July:

  • Yinka Oyekan, as above
  • Bruxy Cavey, Pastor of The Meeting House, Ontario (livestream from Canada)

Day Five – Friday 23 July:

(Finish 10pm!)

“On the Mounds”

Youth, 12-18 years:


The Refuel team have organised for lots of off-site activities for our youth (eg paddleboarding and mountain biking). Youth workers get to come for free!
£60 for three days (Wednesday-Friday)

How to get involved!

There’s still time to come along. Tickets and activities can be booked at www.refuelscotland.org.uk

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