“Prayer Shot” – July summary

Prayer Shot

On Tuesday 6 July, a small group of Staff Team, Filling Station Hosts and guests, gathered to pray online.

Our Staff Team felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to intentionally cover our meetings in prayer, as they plan to meet physically. So this was the first of three summer prayer meetings.

Key scriptures and prophetic words from Tuesday:

  • A freshness and a newness, the Lord doing a NEW thing (see Isaiah 43:19) 
  • Infiltration through the land, via Filling Station teams: bringing blessing to people in their communities (eg local shops/pubs etc).
    “Sleeper cells” – people being trained and equipped for the moment when the opportunity arises: infiltrating their communities with Christ!
    A reminder of the original vision of fires / points of light across the country.
  • The Filling Stations will live up to their name: filling up the empty places, in very thirsty people.
  • Have courage, take heart and be confident in the Lord (see Psalm 27:13-14)
  • The idea that The Filling Station is like Fire Stations used to be (with many local ones closed), with one in every community. Sending out fire officers, dealing with prevention of damaging fires and ready & present for when the (beneficial) fire of revival comes.

On-going prayer includes:

  • For Holy Spirit to be poured out in power through all meetings, physical meetings.
  • New Host team members to be added.
  • Unity! Across all teams!
  • Spiritual covering for the Filling Station Staff Team (wisdom and Holy Spirit leading)
  • Refuel and the final weeks of organising
  • Hands at Work and the team in Eswatini (Swaziland)

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