Cheshire Filling Station’s – July’s outdoor meeting!

Cheshire Filling Station

Like other Filling Stations, the Cheshire Filling Station haven’t been able to meet in their usual location for 18 months now.

So for their July meeting, hosts Kirstie & Jody Wainwright, decided to risk the English summer weather and meet outdoors!

Over 40 people joined them in their garden. This meant they could gather together, but those who still didn’t feel comfortable about meeting inside, could join in. People brought their own chairs with them!

Kirstie says, “Not everyone likes Zoom. I saw people in the garden who I hadn’t seen for 18 months!”

Mo Timbo, Pastor at Potter’s House in Hull, was the speaker for the night and he speaks in an uncompromising way.

Mo has an incredible story: he was raised a Muslim in South East London, and was a crack dealer by the age of 14. He was involved with gangs and had been arrested a number of times.

Mo Started going out with a Christian girl: who told him how Jesus Christ loved him for just who he was. Mo says he would ask the question to himself, ”Why would anyone love me?”

Finally, Mo was sent to prison for dealing in Class A drugs. From prison, he remembered the words this girlfriend (now wife!) had shared with him about Jesus. In his prison cell, he prayed for God to come into his life. He felt the Holy Spirit come on to him!

That Sunday in prison, he went to church and was delivered from all his burdens. He did stay in prison but within a year and half in jail, he shared the gospel in prison… and 600 people came to Christ whilst he was in prison!

Ministry continued as it started to get dark! The young among them really responded well to Mo’s story. In particular, one young guy responded and received prophetic words from three different people.

This Autumn:

The Cheshire Filling Station team been re-thinking their venue and are not sure about going back to their local Community Centre yet. While they don’t have masses of parking at their house, they have got around it by asking guests to park in the village and walk the short distance to their house!

“We usually meet in the Tarporley Community Centre… But we may continue on into the Autumn by putting the tent up in the garden (and we have some outside blow heaters). So we can carry on in September, October, November, December, in the garden.”

Kirstie describes their garden as being right on top of a physical well: “We always think about the Lord welling up the springs of revival!”

“We’re worshipping in the village, in the open air. We had an open heaven and we were declaring the Lord’s praises and changing the atmosphere of the village!”

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