Past meetings online

Listen to our past meetings from April 2020 to March 2022 online during lockdowns on our Youtube channel “Downland Filling Station”. Click on playlists.

Listen to the talks from recent meetings – click on videos!

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Our meetings from June 2020 are best viewed as PLAYLISTS to get the full meeting uninterrupted. These are:

June 2020 Richard Fothergill founder of Filling station – ‘The real Church!

July 2020 LIZ WRIGHT Who You Are in God Now 2020

August 2020 – Summer bonus meeting – Jules de Jongh ‘One step at a time’

Sept 2020 Jen Baker ‘Unwavering in Uncertainty’

Oct 2020 Paul Harcourt ‘Responding well in a crisis’

Nov 2020 John Peters ‘Meeting God through His Holy Spirit’ plus follow-up discussion

Dec 2020 J John Christmas special with J John – recording

Jan 2021 Andrew Ollerton Spiritual Renewal And The Bible

Feb 2021 Gavin Calver ‘How to be a faithful follower’

March 2021 Donna King ‘Living from a place of rest’

April 2021 Ben Lucas ‘What happens when Jesus comes near?’

May 2021 Helen Azer ‘Shaken not stirred’

June 2021 Joy Blundell from Groundlevel speaking on ‘Transformative Action’.  Joy is passionate about the good news of Jesus bringing transformation to every area of society and is involved in various initiatives to mobilise the Body of Christ in that direction.

July 2021 Kathie Magness, from Houston, Texas – ‘The new normal: what now?  Kathie teaches at mega churches the size of shopping malls in Houston and packs a lot into her message, all rooted in His Word.

September 2021 James Nickols, Operations Director, Filling Station Together again

October 2021 Rev Mike Saunders – The Power of Testimony.  Mike is the Minister of St Lawrence’s Hungerford and passionate about seeing lives transformed.

January 2022 Ben Lucas – “Being imitators of Jesus”.  Ben is a Baptist minister guiding rural strategy and pioneering a network of Christians across denominations in Dorset.

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