Vale of York launch their first ever in-person meeting!

On Saturday 30th October in the village of Brandsby, North Yorkshire, the Vale of York Filling Station met together for their first ever in-person gathering.

This burgeoning Filling Station, hosted by Michael and Emily Gould, previously just met on-line since their launch in 2020.

There was a good attendance at the meeting considering this location is in such a rural area. This group were joined by a handful of on-line delegates who could all be seen on a large screen TV.

After a time of worship, led by Michael and Emily, the attendees heard an inspiring message from Chris Fleetcroft of Revive Church in Hull. Chris encouraged the listeners that God can use anyone who makes themselves available for His work and to share their faith with boldness.

They plan to have their second in-person meeting on Saturday 27th November.

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