The Power of the Holy Spirit moving in South Yorkshire!

South Yorkshire

Filling Station Regional Consultant for East Midlands and Yorkshire, Trevor Jones, shared with us about his local meeting at the weekend: South Yorkshire Filling Station.

“The Holy Spirit’s fire fell at Saturday’s South Yorkshire Filling Station as many received a clear prophetic word, there was ministry to the sick and deliverance for others.

After a time of anointed worship, Simon Braker brought a powerful message and then the spiritual fireworks started!

Simon, led by the Holy Spirit, moved freely through the gathering. The Power of the Holy Spirit was released through the laying on of hands juxtaposed with the spoken Prophetic Word.

The heavy presence of God was over the meeting releasing tears and laughter, groans of pain and shouts of joy with lots of shaking. The Holy Spirit just longs to ‘Restore’ His People.

We just thank Our God for His great love for the Ekklesia!”

Comments from those who attended:

“It was an amazing Spirit-filled evening, I was destined to be there. I will definitely be coming back.”

“Worship was heavenly and very anointed. Simon’s message put into words all that I have felt for the last 20 years.”

“What an amazing evening.”

“I have never attended a meeting like this before, it was brilliant!”

“It was a wonderful evening, God was so loving and confirmed many things to me.”

“We were stirred and inspired by the message.’

“I did feel a heat in my hands when Simon mentioned the healing anointing, so I feel encouraged.”

“Got filled up and Battle ready.”

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