Equip & Empower: Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Equip and Empower

Join our Filling Station team as they talk through building a spiritual warfare strategy for your Filling Station meeting and local area.

Have you ever felt oppressed in a place, or a sudden unexpected change of emotion when walking into a room?

We know Spiritual warfare is imperative before our Filling Station meetings. We know it’s essential in our local communities.

But how do you build a prayer and spiritual warfare strategy for your area?

We touch on growing discernment, how to pray, how to gather Intercessors, and how to pray for your meetings.

Regional Consultants Hellie Brunt and Simon Baddeley are joined by our Evangelism Consultant, Laura Brett, in leading this evening.

Recommended for Host Teams, but other Filling Station guests and friends are also welcome.

How to sign up

We’ll be sharing Eventbrite details soon!

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