40 days of prayer for Africa’s most vulnerable children

40 days of prayer for Hands at Work

From Wednesday February 22nd – April 9th, we will be joining in with praying with Hands at Work for the most vulnerable.

Each week, they will be sharing a Weekly Prayer Guide and you can find out more in their Prayer Room.

Download the Hands at Work prayer guide each week for 7 weeks and invite your church, friends and family to participate too!

 Pinky – “Welcome to 40 Days of Prayer. If you are returning to our Lent season prayers from previous years, you’ll remember that we’ve worked through our 40 day prayer guide, which had specific prayers each day. This year, we are doing things a little differently…”

George – “That is now directly affecting us. At the moment, none of us can get into Goma. So, the first thing I ask you, please, as a point of urgent prayer, pray that God will open the door for us to be able to go and support our team there….”

Find the Prayer Sheet here

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