Join us on the 29th August to hear Rev Maggie Lane

Hear is some info on Maggie

I stepped down as minister of Kirkliston Parish Church of Scotland
in September 2019 with the intention of moving into a more
itinerant prophetic ministry, supporting others in leadership and
planning to write. The arrival of the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020
placed much of this on hold alongside a period of ill health which
has led me to seeking God in weakness for this next season to serve
in whatever capacity He enables and calls me to. However I have
sensed an urgency to return to the Prophetic word I was given in
2011 to call the church in this nation to holiness by dealing with the
idols that have unknowingly taken root over many years and
weakened her – God wants his church back and is making her ready
for the days that are upon us. It is a move that is uncomfortable for
many of us, as His remedial love shakes everything that is not of the
kingdom loose.
In terms of my background, I have experience in hospitality
management, community development and campaigning,
counselling and ministry of Word and Sacrament with the Church of
Scotland in parish ministry. Until recently I served on the Board of
Directors for Sannox Christian Centre on Arran – a place of Christian
retreat, which reflects the values of the Celtic Church. I am
currently a member of Gillespie Memorial Church in Dunfermline
where I serve on the leadership team as a teaching pastor. My
theology is reformed evangelical & charismatic but importantly one
of Word and Spirit held in balance.
I am a teacher/prophet, with a commitment to healing and
restoration of both people and the land through equipping and
impartation to the people of God. I enjoy encouraging individuals
and communities to achieve greater intimacy in their relationship
with God and maturing their faith.

Please join us in hearing what God has placed on Maggie’s heart.

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