Refuel 2024 – Last summer’s festival was a miracle!

Refuel 2024

Craig Mackay, Refuel’s Event Manager gives an update:

“Last summer’s festival was a miracle!”

Here’s the headline…. For the first time ever – WE ARE NOT IN DEBT! Sounds dramatic but it deserves it! “Hallelujah!”

Question – How can a FREE event costing thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds not leave us, as volunteer organisers, in very deep waters??

Answer – God’s idea, God’s provision and the amazing generosity of His people!

We are so relieved and delighted to report that last summers festival was fully paid for by the generosity of doners, supporters, festival goers, ministries and festival traders!

Thank you to each and every one who made this happen!

This means we get to do it again!

We believe with all our hearts that this is the way the Festival must be – FREE – and that we heard very clearly from God on this (even though our belief that it would be ok was far from robust!)

Can we do it again? We don’t know! But we are willing to try!

Just like the Keswick Convention and other amazing events, the Refuel Festival remains FREE to attend and we must ask for a small admin fee this year so that we can perhaps avoid the number of people that didn’t use their free ticket last year. (Note – we closed the bookings in June without knowing some would waste their ticket and space!)

Help us avoid this in 2024 by investing what you can and releasing your ticket to others if you cannot make it.

So!… We already have a full house of amazing teachers and ministries coming such as Alan McWilliam (Cairn), Fred Drummond (EA), Charity Bowman Webb (Streams), Nigel Watts (Precept), Andy Hall (Lions Roar for Scotland), Lt Col (Retired) Jan Ransom (Flame International), Scott Brennan (Cairn) and more to announce soon.

  • We have the amazing Ali McFarlane and her team leading worship all week
  • We have a NEW location for Refuel Rocks and the amazing musicians all week
  • We have 24/7 worship
  • We have Kidz ministry morning and night!
  • We have Youth ministry by Paise Movement

The fields are already booked up and full-up with ministries and organisations coming to teach, to serve, to equip, to minister – many offering amazing activities for families! 

All we need is YOU, your church, your possie, your family, your friends to come and join us!

Lets make this the best one yet!”

Craig, Denise & Emily
The Refuel Team, 01343 610230,

The Filling Station tent!

In 2023, our Staff team led a number of sessions and evangelistic outreaches in Elgin from our Filling Station stretch tent at Refuel. We’ll be doing this again in 2024!

Reserve your tickets here

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