Box Filling Station – final meeting on Tuesday 9th July – a celebration of 18 years

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The Box Filling Station – final celebration on Tuesday 9th July
We are sad to report that, after 18 years meeting as “The Filling Station” (and 3 ½ years before that as “Prayer and Praise”), our monthly gatherings are coming to a close next week.
Several of our leadership team need to stand down this summer.  We have been praying for a new team to emerge – you may have seen some of our pleas on this! – but for whatever reason this has not yet transpired.  I have a sense that Box TFS is merely taking a sabbatical and it will be re-born, perhaps in a new form, when the time is right.  Everything has its season.  
Our final gathering next Tuesday will be a celebration of God and all He has done in and through The Filling Station. There is so much to be thankful for.  The evening will include: 

– An extended time of worship, led by Susanna Downes and hopefully joined by some of the great worship leaders who have faithfully led our worship over the years gone by. 

– A time to soak in the presence of God,  with no distractions or time constraints!

– An opportunity for your testimonies.  Please do come with your stories of how God has impacted you through The Filling Station.  Let’s share and celebrate how great is our God!

– A short talk by David Morrell, looking to the future.Several short snippets about other meetings in our local area where you might feel drawn to get a Holy Spirit top up.

– An opportunity for Prayer Ministry and fellowship.Do come along and please pass the word to anyone you know who has been connected with Box TFS in the past.

We will be in the Methodist Church on the A4 as usual (please park in the Recreation Ground car park or on the Devizes Road).

Doors open at 7.00 PM for coffee and cakes, starting at about 7.30 and finishing at about 9.30.
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