Ice-breakers ships needed

I just wanted to share with you an encouragement after September’s Filling Station meeting. Afterwards, I was thinking that sometimes it feels like praying to see a significant breakthrough of renewal in the church and revival in this land, is like trying to scrape through thick ice with a nail on our own. I was feeling that even an ice axe would take a long time to penetrate such thick ice.

I messaged another team member and shared my thoughts with her and she said she kept picturing one of those big ice-breaker ships cutting the way through huge icebergs. To which I said ‘YES!’

TOGETHER we all need to be an ice-breaker ship and our cutting edge is our prayer, praise and worship, and warfare.

Later that week, I was tell someone else in my prayer group about it and she said that years ago there was a Royal Navy ice-breaker ship which regularly docked at Chatham docks. It turns out its name was HMS Endurance and its motto ‘By endurance we conquer’.

We are on His Majesty’s Service: our name is Endurance and our testimony is ‘By endurance we conquer’. We are not supposed to scrape through ‘thick ice’ on our own. We are do it TOGETHER through our prayer, praise and worship, and through the power of the Word of God, which is our spiritual warfare.

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