Angles Way Posts

North Wind

Having purchased a Christian album called North Wind several months ago, on 6 September 2022, I felt that the Lord wanted to speak to me about the north wind. Whilst I was praying and listening to it, I felt that the Lord was wanting to send angel winds from the North to the South across… Read More

Lord, Set The Captives Free!

In our September meeting, Mark Aldridge spoke on ‘Living in the overflow of the Father’s heart’. He used John 14 as his biblical text and gave some wonderful testimonies of the healings that he has been involved in over the years, in a variety of countries.  He was honest about his own journey of faith… Read More

Ice-breakers ships needed

I just wanted to share with you an encouragement after September’s Filling Station meeting. Afterwards, I was thinking that sometimes it feels like praying to see a significant breakthrough of renewal in the church and revival in this land, is like trying to scrape through thick ice with a nail on our own. I was… Read More

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