Testimony time: the impact of a word of knowledge given online

Hilda and Jan

Testimony published with the permission of Hannah Lovise’s parents

Richard and Jo were ministering last week at Oase Conference in Norway (the Norwegian equivalent of New Wine or Focus).

Below, Hilde and Jan, share a story about their granddaughter, and a partial healing that had happened after a word of knowledge Richard gave during an online seminar a year ago at Oase Conference on prophecy.

Seven year old Hannah Lovise had been born with a disability but since the word of knowledge, had stopped having multiple seizures a month.

This time in Norway, Jo and Richard had a lovely opportunity to meet Hilde and Jan and their granddaughter, Hannah Lovise, and pray for her, with her family. Richard shared, “There was such a sense of the love of God in the room.”

More from Hilde and Jan (Hannah Lovise’s Grandparents)

Hilde shares, “We were sitting in our home in the north west of Norway… Richard had a word of knowledge for us. We had been praying for our eldest grandchild since she was in the womb. Her mother was advised to give her an abortion, but her mother said, “I can’t live without giving her a chance.”

Today, the girl has a lot of challenges, but she’s seven years old and she is a great joy to all the family. When she was about one year old, she started with epileptic seizures. And when were given the word of knowledge, she had about 30 seizures a month.”

Jan continued, “Then we got a word from Richard that faith and prayers shall come to fruition. Two days after this word, she had her last seizure. This is over a year ago.”

“Two days after this word, she had her last seizure.
This is over a year ago.”

– Jan

“A whole year of being healed – and we are very thankful to the Lord.”

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