Personal experiences from the Filling Station

I have waited 15 years to see a real expression of God’s Church in the area! Contemporary, outstanding worship, great &relevant, inspired teaching, ministry after God’s word is spoken, lovely set up, generous, comfortable surroundings, it was an excellent evening. I am thrilled to have been there and seen it with my own eyes!
A Guest - Lossiemouth, Morayshire, Scotland
Towards the end of the FS meeting there was a ‘Word of Knowledge’ about someone with a heart condition. We prayed for an old friend who was there who had this medical condition, although we didn’t know it at the time. Her heart trouble led to breathing difficulties. After the meeting, she told me that something had happened because she suddenly felt breathing return to normal. She has now been on the phone to my daughter in France to tell her that she is now able to drive with the window closed for the first time in many years. Further, she was able to sleep with her window closed, something impossible hitherto.
Bill - Great Ouse FS, Bedfordshire
The Filling Station meeting was instrumental in bringing me to Christ this year. After a very difficult year, I somehow felt drawn to go along in January. The singing, the speaker, the warmth and the peace within that building that evening was truly memorable and my life now, as a Christian, is totally fulfilled.
Brian - Wiltshire
I’d not gone to church for many years.  A friend invited me to a Filling Station meeting and I really enjoyed it.  Something changed in my mind about church & God at that point.  I love coming to the meetings and have now started going to my local church on Sunday as well.
Cathy - Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset
The meeting was a joy and a blessing, and gave much food for thought! You prayed for my (nearly 40 year) back injury. I said at the time, this was the first time I had noticed a difference after prayer. That continues to be the case. The healing continues, my spine is now much straighter, and I’m able to stand for much longer periods of time than before. I praise God for this, and thank Him. Isn’t He good!
Chris - Vendee, France
At the Filling Station meeting someone had some information from God about a bad right leg. That was me!  I was so amazed I didn’t know what to do about it!  Next time I’ll ask for prayer there and then.
David - Frome, Somerset
I was at the Filling Station meeting and asked for prayer as I was suffering because of a trapped nerve I had after an operation to remove my gall bladder. The pain was terrible and hurt even when I breathed. I also have arthritis in my hands, feet and back. You prayed for me and my husband, who had his hands on my back, supporting me, told me that he felt a strong tingling on my right side. When I woke the next morning the pain from the trapped nerve had completely gone and I have had no pain since! After eight weeks of constant pain it was wonderful! I still have the arthritis, but to lose that dreadful pain was wonderful. I thank God for this. With much love and gratitude.
Gretel - Middlezoy, Somerset
The Filling Station has been amazing – as a Church worker, it is just what I need – to get a regular top up of the Holy Spirit without ‘being on duty.
Jenny - Witney, Oxfordshire
I was prayed for at the Filling Station and a neck & shoulder problem I had experienced for several years suddenly went.  I couldn’t lift my right arm above the shoulder and I now have full mobility there.  A really good result!
Joanne - Bath, Somerset
I came to the meeting quite exhausted. I discovered it was really a long term exhaustion as I’d had a hard year. In the prayer time, the Holy Spirit started to touch me and I just melted. After about 15 minutes I felt so different, quite refreshed in fact. It was a really good thing and these Filling Station meetings do exactly what they say – they ‘renew you’!
John (Roman Catholic Deacon) - Farnham, Surrey
I found what I learn in the talks at Filling Station really interesting.  I never quite understood why God felt distant to me until that man explained about sin being a barrier.  A barrier that Jesus has broken for me now.
Jon - Radstock, Somerset
I really enjoyed Filling Station last week. Thank you for your lovely warm welcome. For several we had been talking about going up to London once in a while, for an evening service in a “lively” church, but it has never happened and I don’t suppose it will now as Filling Station fills that need. I really appreciated the invitation to come and receive and am very grateful to you and the team who are so willing to give.
Kathleen - Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
I was diagnosed with advanced cancer by the hospital Doctors. They said they could do little and I had between 4-6 weeks to live. I was shattered by the news as you can imagine. A Christian friend invited me to the Falmouth Filling Station meeting and the man speaking specialised in healing. He and others prayed for me at the end. I had one final hospital scan two days later and 99% of the primary cancer and 50% of the secondaries had gone! The Doctors put it down to 'unexplained!' I know who did it, God healed me! My husband and children are all amazed and interested in the Christian faith now and I love going to Church, something I hadn't done for a very long time. The Filling Station is where it all happened. I'm so thankful!
Lynn - Truro, Cornwall
We met you at The Filling Station and you helped us to pray together for the sale of our house. Just a few days later we did just that, and now we are happily back in Yorkshire. We get the keys to our new house on Monday! At that meeting, you gave us both a New Testament to read, and advised us to talk with the Lord, I am really happy to say that we have read the book cover to cover and we pray regularly together to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened to us. We joined a local church and have been made to feel so welcome and we are now making new friends, which is wonderful. Our aim is to be Baptised during the summer and Confirmed in September, we have so much to give thanks for, and we want to say thank you to you and the Filling Station, as you were there for us just when we needed you. You introduced us to the Lord and he has made such a difference to our lives, praise be to God.
Lynn & Alan - Yorkshire
I just want to thank you so much for starting the Filling Station meeting. It’s already brought great healing within the local church as I know two people who have been estranged for over 10 years met at the meeting and gave each other a big hug! A relationship has been restored. I felt a real blessing just being there!
Melissa - Canterbury, Kent
I find the Filling Station a really encouraging place to go each month. I just love the Filling Station meetings as they remind me how much God is there for me.
Nicky - Saltford, Somerset
A lot of people in the Henley area have been really helped by the Filling Station meeting. Particularly those on the periphery of faith and the church. It’s a really good thing.
Richard (Church Leader) - Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
I attended the Farnham Filling Station last night which was fantastic – it felt so good to be sitting round a table with a whole lot of strangers from different church backgrounds, but on the same page in knowing the Lord as I do. I can’t tell you how uplifted and energised it made me feel. Really looking forward to the next meeting and praising God!
Susan - Basingstoke, Hampshire
I wasn’t sure what to expect if I’m honest, but everyone was so welcoming. I felt completely at ease. I was genuinely uplifted by the experience. The feeling stayed with me for days afterwards, and I am really looking forward to the next event.
Tina - Wells, Somerset
After being prayed for at the meeting my stomach complaint completely improved.  I had no anxiety there at all.  I was so changed I then went out and found myself praying for someone else who was ill!
Vincent - Marlborough, Wiltshire
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