North Wind

Having purchased a Christian album called North Wind several months ago, on 6 September 2022, I felt that the Lord wanted to speak to me about the north wind. Whilst I was praying and listening to it, I felt that the Lord was wanting to send angel winds from the North to the South across this nation.  This happened for about an hour.  This was just before the death of Queen Elisabeth II.

On 13 September 2022 whilst swimming, I was thinking about the power of the Holy Spirit and that wind, fire and tsunami are untamable.  Afterwards, in the car, the Lord gave me this riddle

‘Who can tame the North Wind which brings the virgin snows?’ (of purity)

‘Who came tame the volcano which brings the lava flows?’ (of refining)

There was much joy in that riddle!

On 15 September 2022, the Lord woke me up at 5:15am with an inner knowing.  I felt that the Lord is going to come and cleanse His temple (His church/His bride) and that it is going to be absolutely massive. 

I believe that the winds of change are blowing.  During that week in September, the wind direction in the UK changed to a north wind.  The blowing of the north wind is a natural sign of the spiritual winds of purity blowing across the land to cleanse the Lord’s church. 

In 2 Chronicles 29, King Hezekiah, a Godly king who followed the wicked Ahaz, his father, sent the Levites into the inner part of the house to cleanse the temple, before true worship could be set up. They removed everything that was impure and threw it in the Kidron valley. 

It is a reminder to cleanse our lives from everything that the Lord considers to be impure, just as the Jews removed (swept clean) all the leaven (sin) from their houses before the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

A holy fear fell upon me as I went through our house and threw away some things which were not totally pure.  The Lord wants pure hearts and clean hands as in Psalm 24. And then the revival across the land that we so long for!

Scripture verses to go with the north wind and cleansing of the temple are these:

Song of Songs 4:16, Ezekiel 1:4 and 1:24, 2 Chronicles 29, Matthew 21:12-14, Malachi 3:2-4, Psalm 24.

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