Thank you for coming to ‘The Gift’!

South Lakes Filling Station - The Gift

Last night, we hosted ‘The Gift’, our outreach evening to the Lakeland community. Despite the snow, it was a full house!

The village hall looked amazing, and the whole evening, with Christmas Carols, readings, and a brilliantly funny evangelistic message from Elim’s Evangelist, Mark Greenwood, was done under LED candlelight! We had a hoot with Mark – such a great & very amusing guy, passionate about evangelism and so creative in his ideas.

Well done for so many of you for bringing someone with you. Mark shared a key statistic with us, that 85% of people become Christians through a friend. So what we are doing in these outreach evenings is vital!!  

We believe the Lord was working in many lives!  

We were thrilled to see SO many local University students from Ambleside – members of the CU who had brought friends along.

Thanks also to our all our volunteers for their hard work: the hall looked wonderful, and food & drink all delicious.

The season is shifting, and we are praying for young people to walk through our doors… This is the call to a generation of spiritual mothers and fathers to stand up and be counted! AMEN!

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