Welcome to the GoodLife, a magazine that aims to encourage, amuse, stimulate and maybe even challenge you at times!

Who is GoodLife for?

Anyone who ever wondered about God. Anyone who ever wondered how God might fit into their daily life. Anyone who ever wondered how God fits into other people’s daily lives. Anyone who lives life to the full; enjoys good food and drink, friendships, discussions & debates about the ‘meaning of life!’.

Who’s behind GoodLife?

The Filling Station Trust encourage informal meetings of people who want to find out if God really exists, and if he does, what he might be like. The Filling Station is a growing nationwide movement arranging local Christian meetings in unusual venues, such as cafes, shops and schools.

What’s GoodLife all about?

A magazine that aims to report good news stories of what God is doing with people across the country, to provide information about the Filling Station network, and to encourage people to think about they way they currently live their lives.

GoodLife Issue Downloads

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