Over 3,500 people attend Filling Stations!

The number of people regularly attending monthly Filling Station meetings has now topped 3,500. It has been estimated that a further 1,000 people attend less frequently, perhaps joining the evening meetings once every three months.

The 68 Filling Stations now in operation are nearly all seeing steady growth in numbers and experiences of God when they get together. Some meetings that had perhaps 30 people attending two years ago are now seeing over double that number on a regular bases. The average number attending a meeting is 52 people.

As one Anglican Bishop, working in a wholly rural Diocese said last year, ’The Filling Station is one of the very few things I see bringing any new fresh spiritual life to these rural villages. I think they are great and we need a lot more of them across the country!’

Our experience at the Filling Station Trust is that many are finding faith in Jesus Christ, being encouraged as Christians and regularly seeing supernatural events such as healings taking place in a new and exciting way at these meetings.

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