Suffolk Coastal March Meeting – Rev Piers Bickersteth

Suffolk Coastal March meeting were privileged to host Reverend Piers Bickersteth Piers came to faith in Jesus whilst working in property development in Sydney in his 20s. After theological training in Sydney and Oxford, a curacy on Merseyside and 4 years working for the Proclamation Trust, Piers was appointed Rector of Arborfield and Barkham (just outside Reading) in 1998. Piers and his wife Carolyn have three adult children and two grandchildren.
Piers examined the question of “Can I know the truth for certain?” and he commenced by looking at “truth” in our daily lives with various messages from the media around politics, advertising, books, films and social media. We were invited to ask the questions of “what do we believe?” and “how can we discern truth from lies and exaggeration?”. Then we looked at truth from the bible and the many examples of truth that Jesus spoke of. He also addressed times when we find it easier to ignore some truths that we find uncomfortable to deal with. The final question came as to what extent we let the truth of the bible impact our lives, even the truths that we find easier to ignore. At this point we were invited to discuss with one another in small groups the meaning of biblical truth in our lives.
On behalf of everybody present at the meeting, Suffolk Coastal Filling Station would like to extend many thanks to Piers for sharing his profound insight into the “Can I know the truth for certain?” question and delivering an entertaining and provocative message.

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