FillingStation@home – coming soon!



Over the next few weeks we will be launching this brand new initiative which seeks to beam high quality teaching, worship and prayer ministry directly into the homes of small gatherings of Christians across the nation and beyond.

FillingStation@home is not a replacement for our normal larger meetings and we look forward to being able to get back to these as soon as possible!

In the meantime, we are responding to the prompting of the Spirit of God and the current needs of Christians in a post-Covid world, to offer an effective resource to small meetings (of any denomination or none) of 6 to 12 people (once restrictions allow) but with the same fruit that we have always enjoyed at Filling Station meetings – worship, encouragement, fellowship and evangelism!

Just imagine our normal understanding of what home church or cell-groups looked like, and add into that the prospect of some of the best teachers in the land joining you and other teams LIVE across Zoom or YouTube. There is now a potential to reach hundreds of of Christians and churches across the UK and beyond from the comfort of you own home!

We have learnt through 2020 what is possible remotely, and we pray that this service and your efforts, will be a blessing to churches, small groups, families and Christians now and into the years ahead! 

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