God playing dominoes last month!

This Friday, 28th October, Kay Morgan Israel, our singer and songwriter speaker for October, broadcasts programmes called THE MESSAGE IN MUSIC on local radio stations. Kay will be speaking on the power of prayer and developing intimacy with the Father, enabling us to live fruitful lives for the Lord.  It promises to be a wonderful evening. Hope you can join us.

Last month I was asked to lead a retreat/teaching conf at Nicholaston House in South Wales for a group called Women of the Word. After the Communion service at the end, most of the delegates experienced wonderful healings. I have videos of two of them having a ‘race’, pushing their walkers away in front of them and following them without any support! Hilarious! They could barely stand before, let alone get up unaided out of their chairs! Cynthia, the first one, had been walking very short distances and was extremely wobbly, like jelly, needing a person either side of her and another behind her even with her walker. She also had much muscle wastage from years of mostly sitting. After prayer she was immediately able to get up from her chair completely by herself and stood stock still. Then she walked unaided without her walker! Have a look at this video clip:Nicholaston House Healing #1

An hour later she abandoned her walker altogether and climbed stairs!

Liz, who also used a walker, was inspired by watching Cynthia, and wanted to do the same. So after prayer she also got up from her chair and started walking! She had undergone an operation a month before which had involved moving her voice box. She longed to be able to sing again, so sang progressively better as she walked unaided! Watch this short clip! : Nicholaston House Healing #2

Then the two of them had a ‘race’, pushing their walkers ahead of them, walking up to them, pushing them on ahead of them again, right across the large room! Such fun! Watch the clip: Nicholaston House Healing #3

The operation Liz had undergone was to put wedges between her neck vertebrae to alleviate the pain going down her arms. This had eased the pain but it was still there, together with much tingling. She asked for more prayer. After that the pain and tingling stopped. Strength returned and she was able to lift a full glass of water off the table easily. This would previously have taken two hands and been very wobbly.

Sally had been describing how slow and painful it was for her to walk up and down stairs because of advanced arthritis throughout her body. After prayer she attempted the stairs and walked up easily and pain free! The look of shock on her face when she turned around, then descended and dissolved into a fit of giggles! I hadn’t seen her smile all weekend because of the pain. She went to have a go at waving the big flags which she had longed to do previously but it would have been too painful : Nicholaston House Healing #4

Several others had felt under a dark cloud, some for many years. As we prayed, the women felt these clouds lift off them and felt joy and clarity return. Their whole characters changed from heavy to buoyant, light and joyful.

Another had a lump under her eyelid, causing pressure and pain. God removed this together with the pain and pressure it was causing. Another had been diagnosed pre-diabetic and wanted prayer to get rid of her sweet tooth and any diabetes. In the coffee break she showed me her half drunk

coffee and the sweeteners in her bag that she had forgotten about! She said the coffee tasted nice without them.

Another had suffered a kind of palsy which caused her face on one side to drop and feel numb, severe headaches and problems with her sinuses, swallowing and ears. Prayers up till then had improved things. As we prayed this time her face returned to normal, headaches ceased, her sinuses cleared, the numbness stopped and her throat felt fine.

Later all these wonderful women joyfully testified to the transformations God had done in their lives. God did so many wonders, one after another and another, as faith was released by each previous healing. It was as though He was playing dominoes!

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