Refuel on the Road goes to Ullapool!

Refuel on the Road

“Every woman, every man, join the caravan of love…stand up…stand up…stand up!” – this has become one of our anthems as we prepare to head to the west coast of Scotland in March!

Thurso was the first location, then Fortrose, then Mintlaw, then Fortrose, then St Andrews, then Berwick upon tweed….and now for the first time, we venture WEST to ULLAPOOL!

If you have been tracking with us or journeying with us, you will know how God has continually blessed our times together with more and more understanding, revelation and encounter each and every time we go to a new place.

We simply invite EVERYONE to come and see what God might do with the hearts, giftings and ministries that YOU all carry.

We have a venue, and we have no agenda other than “Worship and Equipping” and – just like Refuel this year – it will look and sound like YOU!

These times together always look and sound like the people that come and serve and pour out. How exciting might this be!!

  • If the evangelists come – there will be evangelism
  • If the prophets come – there will be prophecy
  • If the worshippers come – there will be worship
  • If the teachers come – there will be teaching
  • If the creatives come – there will be art and creativity
  • If the dancers come – there will be dancing!!

If you have ever wanted to learn more about these vital 5-fold giftings of today’s church then the weekend will help explain more!

We strike camp on the Friday afternoon, we hold a Worship night and an “open briefing” on the Friday evening – everyone is invited! – where we establish the heart and needs of local worshippers and then we gather on the Saturday for training, equipping and activation. This might be prayer ministry, prophetic, evangelism, worship workshops….whatever is needed we ask God to resource!

No cost!!’s FREE…You need to self cater and you can join us for all of the weekend or any part of it.

Come and join the “caravan of His love”!…and watch what our heavenly Father does with our unity and hearts to work together. 

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